Gods of the Grey

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Gods of the Grey is a brand-new fantasy tabletop RPG designed for first-time gamers, but versatile enough to keep the die-hards totally captivated. The fully-customizable world consists of simple, adaptable game mechanics, and extant folklore and mythology, carefully cataloged over the last 3 years.

This game boasts a 10-minute character creation process, is fully customizable, allowing for custom races, custom classes, and custom spells, and it uses only two types of dice: d10s for success, and d6s for effect.

This game has been heavily researched, heavily playtested, heavily edited, and is finally ready for publication. Your contributions to this campaign would help us get our game out GenCon in Indianapolis, one of the largest gaming conventions in the world. We plan to showcase the finished game to several groups of gamers as part of our promotional platform. If you contribute, you will be helping this game find its feet. Gods of the Grey has the potential to be celebrated for its clever and unique approach to building tabletop mechanics, and this is the first step of many.



The Worldbuilders


Gods of the Grey is a brand-new fantasy tabletop RPG designed around ease of play, versatility, and extant world mythology.

Creator / W. Bradley Torres
Project Lead / C.A.S. Minniear
Design Lead / Jacob P. Torres
Artwork / Bec Saunders
Artwork / Kati Drinkwine
Artwork / Conor Hughes

1st Gen Playtesting / Dylan Bass, Allen Chaney, Jeremy Groom,
De'Markcus Howell, Coralyn Martin, Haley Noah, Erika O'Shea, Adam Toom, Frankie Williams, Sean Yeung

2nd Gen Playtesting / Lance Lanier, Ryan Matthews, Rachel Parrish

Special Thanks / Katherine Bridges, Alex Churn, Pat Davis, Trisha Fletcher, Will Jeselnik, Emily Self

Gods of the Grey is the brainchild of Kansas City-based writer Brad Torres, co-owner of the production company Bricktower Studios.



Where is the Grey?



Indianapolis, IN
30 July 2015 - 2 August 2015


Bonner Springs, KS
5 September 2015 - 18 October 2015


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